February 27, 2019

Hey There, 

Still Smoking? 

Hopefully by now, you've read your ebook, 14 Ways to Quit Smoking and are getting ready to make that final decision.

I know, it can be difficult to make that decision...what I have found after working with 100s of smokers is that most peopl...

May 30, 2017

Give yourself a $65k Raise this year, and Stop Smoking!

Greetings, Suzie Bowers here, your smoking cessation specialist from California Hypnosis Center in Stockton, California. This year, more than ever I am seriously motivated to help more people stop smoking.

I’ve bee...

April 21, 2017

New York City Mayor trying to raise pack of cigarettes from $10.50 to $13.00....Will you still smoke? California is at $8.00-$9.00 per pack...thoughts? #stopsmokinghypnosis #hypnosistostopsmoking#nicoderm


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How Does Hypnosis Work to Help You Stop Smoking?

February 14, 2017

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April 11, 2017

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