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  • Suzie Bowers, CHt

How Carl #StoppedSmoking in About an Hour! #Hypnosisworks

Carl’s Story – Controlled by Cigarettes

Seven years ago, Carl, one of my smoking clients, smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day for over 30 years. He had reached the point where he did not feel as good as he wanted and decided it was time to quit before his health was completely damaged. Carl had tried numerous times to quit and he felt agitated and unhappy, as if he was depriving himself of his long-time friend.

Fed up and disappointed with himself, Carl came to see me for my Stop Smoking in About an HourTM program. He appreciated the fact that I guaranteed it and figured he had nothing to lose.

We went over Carl’s motivations for quitting and although he knew his health was a major part of his motivation, during his interview, I also discovered that Carl was tired of feeling trapped and controlled by his smoking habit. Carl was a successful business owner. In every other area of his life, he was able to achieve many wonderful things. Carl also had a beautiful family. The one thing that haunted him was the fact that he felt controlled by these stupid cigarettes and the fear that he would get sick and not be there for his family.

Carl also had a belief that he couldn’t quit because he was so “addicted” to nicotine. One we reviewed the definition of an addiction and the fact that nicotine was not holding him captive, Carl’s entire demeanor changed and relaxed, he didn’t experience any withdrawal type symptoms that he had before, and his health has returned to normal.

During his hypnosis session, I had Carl take back control of his life by crushing the smoking habit. Once we were able to link up how easy and free his life would be without his “friend”and teach Carl some new, healthy ways to deal with his stressful emotions, he easily quit that day and has remained a non-smoker ever since.

If you're feeling like Carl, give me a call for a FREE Confidential Phone Interview...Schedule your appointment and Your Smoking Problem is Solved!


Suzie Bowers, CHt, Smoking Cessation Specialist


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