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  • Suzie Bowers, CHt

Still Trying to Stop Smoking, But Can't?

It is really difficult. If you have tried and tried to #stopsmoking, but can’t get yourself to do it…you’re in the 1/3 of smokers that need help. #Hypnosis to #quitsmoking is the easiest, fastest, safest, most effective way to do it.

Motivation is very important! Get clear on your Why!

There are so many reasons to quit:

  1. Your health should be Numero Uno!

  2. The tax on cigarettes just got raised $2.00 per pack over an .80 raise last year. That’s almost $3.00 per pack. Wow, that’s a lot of dough.

  3. Being Controlled by something so bad for you!! Don’t you hate that. You want to quit and tell yourself “NO More, “Yet, you keep doing it! That’s control.

  4. Embarassment ~ Smoking is embarrassing!!! Everyone knows how stupid it is, causes cancer, smells, expensive, etc. etc. Some people get down-right pissed off when you light up!

  5. Keeps you isolated. It’s lonely being a smoker! You have to go outside and find a place to smoke.

Smoking is something you’ve done over and over again. You’ve attached many emotions and experiences to the act of smoking. But, if you think about it, it wasn’t always this way. At first, you had to remind yourself to smoke. Everyone I’ve ever asked: “Do you recall your first cigarette?” tells me, “yes.” I then ask if they liked it? Everyone says “NO! It burnt the roof of my mouth, made me cough, dizzy, nauseous… Then I ask, “Why do you think you kept doing it?”

Why do you think you’ve kept smoking even though it’s awful? Did you think it would be cool? Did you feel grown up? You fit in with your peers and they smoked?

There are a variety reasons why we trick ourselves into doing something so harmful and there are amazing ways to make quitting easy on yourself.

Hypnosis makes it easy!

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