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  • Suzie Bowers, CHt

Still Smoking? Still Making Excuses?

Hey There,

Still Smoking? Hopefully by now, you've read your ebook, 14 Ways to Quit Smoking and are getting ready to make that final decision. I know, it can be difficult to make that decision...what I have found after working with 100s of smokers is that most people make excuses that keep them smoking.

We're human, it happens.

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Excuse: I Smoke Because of Stress!

Some of my clients say..."Well, Suzie, the reason it's so hard to stop smoking is because of the stress." This is a common excuse and I hear it all the time...let's face it...there's a lot to get stressed about in our busy worlds....but let's face this too....most people handle stress and don't smoke. This means you can too. Let's take a moment and break this excuse down to the size it belongs.

Smoking does not help stress, in fact, smoking makes you feel more stress. Why is that?

When you inhale cigarette smoke, you are also inhaling nicotine and 1,000 other toxic poisons into your body. Your heart immediately recognizes all those toxins as attacking your body, your heart rate goes up about 10 beats per minute as your body is doing everything it can to eliminate the poison. The exact same thing happens if you were to be bitten by a rattle snake.

Using Tobacco is Like Being Bitten by a Rattle Snake...

The panic and increase in your heart rate actually creates anxiety and keeps your nervous system in high alert mode, releasing adrenaline and you are in reality adding to your stress by smoking or using tobacco.

Truth: Any perceived relief is due to the breath you are using to smoke and the change in your mental state by taking an action. You could do the same exact thing by sitting quietly, taking several deep, deliberate breaths, or even doing 20 jumping jacks.

Client Story: One guy I worked with said, "Suz, I smoke because of all the stress at my job... my boss, the fast's too much!" This client smoked about 30 cigarettes per day. I asked Bob if he worked on the weekend. He said, "well, no." I asked him how many he smoked on the weekend: "30 per day." I asked him if was stressed on the weekend when he was away from his job...he said no. Bob and his family went on vacation in Hawaii for a couple weeks...relaxing on the beach. I asked Bob, "How many cigarettes did you smoke while you were in Hawaii?" 30 per day! "Where's the stress now?"

It's the same, day in and day out....smoking because of stress is a lie we tell isn't real.

The truth is stress is an excuse for continuing the behavior. It's a belief you tell yourself so you can keep doing this horrible habit. Creating a New Behavior: So right now, try something time you feel stress, or the need to take a break from everything...leave the cigarettes inside and go outside, sit or stand quietly and breathe deeply into your center, around your solar plexus area of your stomach. Hold the breath for 2-count, exhale through your mouth, blow all the air out in a nice, even steady stream. Hold your breath again before inhaling through your nose. Repeat about 6-10 times...and just be. Relax all the muscles in your body. You should find, you feel better in a few moments....your mind is clearing. Pick something around you to focus on for a moment. (something pretty is a good idea, trees, grass, flowers, clouds floating by, water, etc.) Really look at it, all the details. Take one more deep breath and go back inside.

You may find you didn't even need a cigarette to change your stress level and in fact you'll probably feel much better, now that you stopped poisoning yourself with that tobacco poison. Another plus: You don't smell like cigarettes!

Commit to doing 10 of these deep breaths at least once or twice per day, without the cigarette....You'll be glad you made a healthy choice, you'll feel better, your lungs and heart will thank you and perhaps you'll find a new way to be the best version of yourself.

It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than Hypnosis!

And, when you're ready...I'm here to help. Call me for a confidential phone consultation and schedule your Stop Smoking in About an Hour Session. Love, Suz


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