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Robin T., Lodi, Ca 2017
Client Testimonial - Robin T.
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 “I stopped smoking with Suzie and I loved it! It was easy and I feel so much better.”
 Joan, Stockton


“I smoked 3 packs per day for 30 years and it was driving me crazy. Nothing I tried work until I met Suzie Bowers. In one session I stopped and it was easy. I couldn’t believe it. She can help even the most difficult smoker quit.”

Pat, Pioneer


“Thank YOU! Thank YOU! You gave my son his father back. It’s been 5 years since my session and I am still smoke free, thanks to you. Anyone who is struggling with the smoking challenge, should call you immediately…it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done…I almost can’t even believe it, except it’s true. I walked out of your office, Suzie, and the thought of a cigarette had no power over me and barely even entered my mind….Amazing!” Ken N., Stockton


"My wife and I came to California Hypnosis Center to Stop Smoking before our wedding. It was our gift to each other, to spend the rest of our lives being healthy. It's been over 5 years and we're still smoke free! Thank you, Suzie. This was truly one of the best things we've ever done." Kevin B., Stockton


"I had to stop smoking because my health issues were getting really bad. I was smoking a pack a day and I could feel it in my chest and my body. The Dr. said I needed to quit. I was skeptical that hypnosis would work. I am thrilled at the results. It was easy, it was relaxing and I've been smoke free for 2 years now. Thank you Suzie! My wife says, you saved my life!" Ken G., Stockton


"My husband went to see Suzie Bowers at California Hypnosis Center, based on a referral. The doctor told him he had to stop smoking or he would die! It's been 7 years and he hasn't smoked since. You really gave him (us) his life back." Carey, Stockton 


Your mind is very powerful and can be used to overcome even the most stubborn problems. There have been many scientific studies that have proven the most effective technique to stop smoking and really in every area of self-improvement is hypnosis.


But this is especially true for smoking cessation. When you combine behavioral sciences techniques like neuro-linguistic programming, guided imagery and reinforcement, you can stop smoking easily with one session.

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